4 Must-Fix Roofing Issues Beyond Custom Can Help With

The roof that covers our home is an investment, and a very important one that that. It is an investment into the future value and protection of our home and like any good investment, maintenance and attention is required in order to keep it at its finest for as long as possible.  Minor roof damage and small issues and defects may seem like little things in the grand scheme of life, but if left alone and allowed to continue unaddressed, these small little annoyances and inconveniences can quickly grow until they become much bigger – and much more costly – problems. With this in mind, here are 4 roofing issues that need to be fixed sooner rather than later:

1. Damaged tiles or shingle

One or two cracked tiles or loose/missing shingles doesn’t seem like a big deal. Hey, most of the roof seems to be fine right so what are a few little defects? However, these little gaps and cracks and opening can cause major problems or your roof as it leaves the roof vulnerable to leaks, which can then lead to more loose and missing shingles and tiles water damage,and leaks inside your home! Beyond Custom handles all types of roofing materials and roof styles so we can take care of any minor roof repair needs quickly and easily and save you from massive issues caused by these minor problems getting out of hand.

2. Uneven or broken flashing

Flashing, which is generally comprised of plastic, sheet metal or composite materials, helps control the water flow off the roof and keeps it away from openings and natural problem areas on your roof. It typically is found around the chimney or at the joint seams of two roofing points- usually in the valley of the roof slopes. Flashing needs to be in tact and free of dings, tears, and needs to be firmly attached or it will not be able to do its job.  If you can see any issue or problem with the flashing, such as a break or corrosion, you need to get the flashing replaced immediately in order to avoid water damage. In most cases, Beyond Custom can replace flashing within a day and have you safe and protected before the next rain storm moves in!

3.Attic insulation and ventilation lacking

Maintaining good insulation and ventilation in the attic space of your home is crucial to promoting the effectiveness and lifespan of your roofing system. If not properly ventilated, roofs can heat up drastically which can cause issues with the shingles and tiles- often times resulting in damage not covered by most general home insurance policies. Proper insulation is especially important wen cold weather hits because moisture can build up when cold airs outside meats warmer air inside the home at the roof surface. Also snow and ice build up can cause major damage to an already compromised roof system. A well-insulated attic and a roofing system kept at a safe temperature with proper ventilation is a roof that will last a long time, so call Beyond Custom and let our experts check your ventilation and insulation today.

4. Clogged gutters

Gutters are a crucial aspect of any sound roofing system and their job is to carry rainwater away from your home. When they are clogged with dirt, leaf litter, and other debris then rain water accumulates and can puddle on the roof, eventually seeping under shingles and tiles and into your roof.  Regularly cleaning and maintaining of all gutters is an important part of preparing your roof for the rainy season. To ensure your roof is ready to handle the rains that come your way this season, call in Beyond Custom to clean out your gutters and make sure there are no other issues you need to address.

We are proud to serve our community and the surrounding area and with our commitment to use only the finest materials and send only the most skilled roofing experts, our one of a kind guarantee gives you peace of mind. Our goal is your complete satisfaction. So give us a call or use our online form to set up your consultation appointment today!