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Bathroom Remodeling

Bath Remodel By Beyond Custom

Ready for a New Bath Remodel? Beyond Custom Can Help!

A bath remodel is one of the best ways to add quality of life for your family and immediate value to your Chicago area home. At Beyond Custom, we have a wide array of sinks, tubs, toilets, Jacuzzis and every fixture and fitting you need to make your bathroom a showcase in itself without breaking your budget.

Who are your favorite manufacturers of bath elements? Chances are, we carry them, plus every aspect you need to turn your shower into a daily joy. Our tile selection is second to none, with something for every taste and budget.

Everyone begins and ends their day in the bathroom. Why not turn that space into a place that makes you smile, starting your day out right and ending it with a sense of pleasure ad calm? No matter the space you have to work with, you can transform your master bath or your auxiliary baths with the proper redesign and still keep your bathroom renovation costs within your budget.

Why Choosing a Bath Remodel Pays Off

Functional and beautiful master baths are at the top of the list among home buyers, making a bath remodel one of the best ways to boost the value and equity of your home. Long gone are the days when bathrooms served as nothing more than serviceable spaces for the necessities of the day. They now enhance the overall sense of home as refuge, and are often sanctuaries in and of themselves that help you begin your day refreshed and end it with a soothing unwind at night.

A Beyond Custom bathroom can feature an intimate, well-appointed whirlpool tub complete with mood lighting and interior windows that mimic soothing, natural light. Or let your imagination and our expert designers guide you in creating a bath space that shows off clever, discreet windows and soaring ceilings. No bathroom space to too small or too large that it can’t be transformed into something special with the right bath remodel.

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Our name says it. We are Beyond Custom, located in Elgin. And we want to help you make your new bathroom go beyond your expectations. Our expert consultants in bath remodels guide you through planning and designing that gives your new bathroom the best in function and beauty. And we never try to up-sell our customers on unnecessary products. Our design consultants will help you make the very best decisions to suit your desires and respect your need to keep bathroom renovation costs at a minimum.

Not sure exactly what you need, whether it’s to enlarge a small bath or just bring outdated toilets, tubs and accessories the 21st century? Or maybe you just need quality repair by a trusted company? Beyond Custom isn’t the kind of company that will try to up-sell you with a bunch of unnecessary labor or products. Our professionals will help you find the solutions that are right for you and keep your bathroom renovation costs within your budget.

Beyond Custom works hand-in-hand with you, from the first time you talk with us on the phone to the last time you shake hands with your project manager. Customer service is the bedrock of our business and quality work is our foundation, because we know that happy customers are repeat customers and a breathtaking result in bath remodeling helps grow our business.

If you’re thinking about a bath remodel, think of us first. We serve all of Chicago land and the surrounding counties. Our team of experts can handle everything from re-plumbing to exceptional design. Call us at(630) 806-1690 or use our Contact Us Page for a no-pressure consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!