Kitchen Remodel Ideas From Beyond Custom

Kitchen Remodel Ideas For Your Chicago Home

kitchen remodelingWe all know that the planning stage of kitchen remodeling isn’t just the most crucial it’s the most fun, second only to the finished product. With that in mind, Beyond Custom in the Greater Chicago area has some tips and tricks to get your imagination jump started on some great kitchen remodel ideas.

12 Great Tips For Your Kitchen Remodel Ideas

1.) Fashion Splash! Kitchen sink and counter backsplashes aren’t just a great way to add style to your kitchen remodel ideas, it’s also a sound decision in protecting your kitchen remodeling investment. Today more than ever there are tiles and other materials that are not only terrific looking but extremely resilient, and make for easy cleaning and maintenance. They accent and fashionably disrupt the continuous line of your kitchen cabinetry. Properly designed, kitchen wall backsplashes add artistry no matter how large or small the space.

2.) Open Wide! Choosing open shelving instead of upper cabinetry provides terrific display areas that give smaller kitchens a sense of being bigger than they actually are. When planning you kitchen remodel ideas, give some thought to installing shelving where you would have normally put in closed, upper cabinets.

3.) Out with the Old Appliances, In with the New! Changing out older kitchen appliances during kitchen remodeling can do more than just pump up the “wow” factor of your new kitchen. With most new kitchen appliances being far more energy-efficient, the potential for overall utility bill savings can be impressive. Think dual-fuel ranges, convection ovens and high-tech range hoods. ENERGY STAR-certified refrigerators and water-thrifty dishwashers will be big pay offs down the line

4.) Little Changes, Mighty Impact! Those unique and personal details matter in your kitchen remodel ideas as much as the bigger ones, so don’t overlook them. Personal touches like unique cabinet pulls and hinge styles put the finishing touch on any kitchen remodeling and give your new kitchen a distinctive, tailored look. Don’t be afraid to be creative! Whether you prefer the elegance of matched hardware or the quirky chic of mix-and-match, there are a wide array of styles out there waiting for you.

5.) Hey! Up Here! Don’t Forget About Me! An often overlooked item on the list of kitchen remodel ideas is the ceiling. But what a difference it can make! The right ceiling adds a sense of height and overall openness at the very least, but can be as a much of a major player in the drama and character of your new kitchen as you want. There are almost limitless ways to add texture and color interest, from ceiling components that that imitate old-style tin to textures and materials that compliment or contrast any color plan.

6.) A Lovely Illusion! Even if the budget you’ve figured into your kitchen remodel ideas doesn’t allow for granite or other high-end stone, today’s laminates do an amazing job of fooling the eye and add striking style. The appearance and even the feel of quality laminates can be remarkable while offering up the classic benefits of this time-honored counter top material. And when you add touches like bullnose edges, you’ll get the benefits of a kitchen with a higher-end appearance while feeling like a true budget-savvy kitchen design planner.

7.) Shhhh! Quiet! If your family spends a lot of time in the kitchen (and what family doesn’t?), having soft-closing hinges and glides installed during your kitchen remodeling is a very small expenditure that will reap enormous rewards in sound pollution.

8.) Lighten Up! Sometimes, even with the best ceiling lights in a kitchen, dark recesses under cabinetry cause you to squint and struggle with counter top appliances. LED ropes or spot lights installed on cabinet undersides add both practicality and interest. Improving and updating your over all kitchen lighting with soft, yet bright ceiling lights that operate through dimmer switches all add to both function and style. No better way to amp up the chic than to add good lighting to your kitchen remodel ideas.

9.) That Sinking Feeling. I Think I Like It! Sinks should never be overlooked in your kitchen remodel ideas. Today they are often the centerpiece of kitchen design. Nevertheless, the classic edict “form follows function” is essential for choosing the right sink for your particular kitchen remodeling. Consider your new sinks’ depth and width, as well as the styles and number of faucets and sprayers you’ll make use of. Durability and wear will be a factor, too. Fortunately, today’s choices will provide you with whatever styles and combinations will best suit your new kitchen needs.

10.) If You Build In That Storage, Space Will Come! Nothing quite defines exceptional kitchen remodeling ideas like great storage space. While planning your kitchen remodeling, be sure to keep an eye out for wasted space that just might make the perfect storage spot for things you like to keep handy: spices, kitchen tools, wine and more.

11.) How Cozy! Have an odd space in your kitchen or next to it that you don’t know what to do with? Turn it into a cozy nook with seating that doubles as even more handy space. An open-faced cabinet plan with versatile baskets that stow odd objects when you need to do a fast pick up can make kitchen or home clean up a little easier. Or use a traditional bench/cabinet combo with drawers that keep everything tucked out of sight and out of mind. Bonus style points if that once-wasted space is under a window with an updated shade or curtains!

12.) I’m Just Floored! Tempting as it may be to cover your old, outdated kitchen floor under some throw rugs and call it a day with your kitchen remodeling, you’ll want what’s under foot to be as much a part of your kitchen remodel ideas as the cabinets and counters. Fortunately, today’s kitchen flooring options will make your choices exciting. From laminates to hardwoods to stone to tile, the sky…or should we say the floor…is the limit!

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