The Superiority Of Hardie Board

Hardie Board Versus Traditional Siding Material

James Hardie Industries got its start over a century ago as an importer of oils and products used in tanning animal hides. Since those early days when young James Hardie struck out on his own to create his business, James Hardie Industries has grown and developed with the times. Proud to bear the name of its founder, today the company is a world leader in the advanced, high-tech manufacture of a large array of fiber cement siding and materials for both home and businesses.

The exterior siding materials made by James Hardie Industries are often referred to collectively as a Hardie board or Hardie plank. Beyond Custom home exterior and interior remodeling and roofing takes a closer look at why Hardie board excels as siding and trim for home or business.

Hardie siding products are gracing the sides of over five and one half homes all through the U.S. Their high quality siding products have earned raves in the press, the construction and renovation remodeling industries and, most important to them, homeowners and business owners. Making homes or businesses look fantastic while offering unparalleled resilience are the hallmarks of James Hardie products.

With Hardie Board, Less Stress & Hassle, More Enjoyment & Satisfaction

When a home is well-designed, it is a delight to behold every time you look at it. A lovely house gives the homeowner and house guests alike a sense of pleasure and well being. No one wants the stress and worry that comes with inferior siding products. Quality and dependability are vital. And that is the reason Hardie board and siding materials have taken the home exterior industry by storm.

A hallmark for James Hardie Industries is when the company was awarded the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval for the development of Hardie plank lap siding. Good Housekeeping’s research arm employs a cadre of science, engineering and research experts to put home-related products through rigorous testing. To earn a Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, products must go through meticulous evaluations. Because James Hardie Industries has developed exacting product tests of its own, the honor of earning the Seal is a specific point of pride for the company.

Hardie board, planks and trimming are specially constructed to stand up to every type of weather that Mother Nature can throw at them. That’s why homeowners can have confidence that Hardie plank, board and materials will offer years and years of loveliness and resilience.

Professionals Praise Hardie Board & Products

From style savvy architectural magazines, to trade-oriented journals, to media outlets with expertise in buildings that are pro-environmental in design, Hardie board and siding products have earned widespread votes of confidence. That means homeowners can rest assured in confidence, as well.

House sidings are at the mercy of the elements 24/7 year after year. Summer and winter storms, extremes in temperature, hail, ice, wind, insects, vermin, fire: every one of these is a potential for damage and disaster. That is precisely why Hardie planks, trim and siding products are renowned for their engineering and beauty, no matter the climate or weather conditions.

Inclement conditions happen in any season. That’s why Hardie board, planks and siding material are rigorously tested to hold up in even the worst conditions. However, bad weather isn’t the only challenging test Hardie plank and materials must pass. Hardie products must also stand up to Time itself.  Seasonal changes, year after year chip and wear away lesser siding materials like vinyl, causing cracking in the siding. Wooden siding and trim also suffer and fail more quickly than Hardie board, because wood expands and contracts during wet or humid conditions. Only a James Hardie product is Engineered for Climate®.

A Hardie Board Product For Every Homeowner

The HardieZone® system was developed through extensive, ongoing studies into the effects of every climate zone where homes are built. The HardieZone® system ensures homeowners that they are getting the best Hardie siding and trim materials for their climate zone, protecting homes no matter the cold, heat, rain and wet, or frigid weather.

All James Hardie® board and siding materials are quality engineered fiber cement, combining beauty and top-of-the-line high performance. Over and over again, James Hardie products out-perform the competition in curb appeal and resilience.

James Hardie plank and siding materials have great advantages over vinyl or PVC siding (both made of plastic), and beauty in appearance is just the beginning. 5 times the thickness of vinyl, fiber cement allows a much more authentic look of wooden siding. Fiber cement allows for deeper, more natural looking grooves that far better mimics natural wood than vinyl does. This makes for elegantly detailed results that boost curb appeal and home value, especially on historical homes like those found in Chicago and Illinois.

Beyond beauty, however, function is an absolute essential that the competitors of Hardie board and siding cannot match. Vinyl cannot sustain under fire conditions, and can also warp just in the heat and solar rays that reflect off windows. Hardie board and siding materials are noncombustible. While vinyl siding might succumb to cracking and warping in as the weather fluctuates, James Hardie products are far more robust, resisting warps, sags and the tendency to melt.

Hardie Board And Siding Also Out-Performs Wooden Siding Material

Hardie board products are not just more durable than wooden or wood-based siding, they cost less, too! Add this advantage to its higher resistance to wet, mold, heat, fire and boring or chewing by vermin and insects, and James Hardie board products far excels wood or wood-based materials, like Oriented Strand Board (OSB), as a siding.

Wooden siding is subject to cracking, splitting, peeling when painted, and deterioration more quickly than Hardie board products. Over time, Hardie siding far better resists both the progressive ravages of the changing seasons and the more immediate damages of storms, wind, hail and ice. That means adding the advantage of less maintenance to Hardie board products’ lower cost and higher value as a siding than wood.

Where To Find Hardie Board

Hardie board products are designed for engineered for strength and exceptional style, including a wide variety of textures and ColorPlus Technology finishes to suit the tastes of every homeowner. twenty years down the road, you’ll be saying how glad you are that you chose James Hardie board siding and

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